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Alfred Gockel as an artist is a global player in the fine art business, providing the highest standards in creating contemporary fine art to his customers and clients alike. With exhibitions and live painting performances in USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and France. His long-standing international experience combines management capabilities, as well as consulting and advisory work for sovereign clients, arts institutions, and culturally engaged corporations.

Current news & upcoming Alfred Gockel events

Print An Etching with a Forklift Truck

During an art event of the Park West Gallery one of Alfred Gockel`s latest etchings has been printed exclusively with an usaual forklift truck before the eyes of many customers.

"Tree of Life" Painting

Alfred Gockel painted together with pupils of a primary school class in Bergkamen-Overberge (Germany). They created a" Tree of Life" - Puzzle consisting of thirty small canvases. Invited by teacher Ann-Kristine Thoene, Alfred Gockel joined her art class in order to help the pupils to visualize their own dreams on a painted canvas.

Museum Festival 2014 - Vischering Castle (18.05.2014 / Lüdinghausen)

On the occasion of the Museum Festival 2014 at the Vischering Castle in Luedinghausen, Alfred Gockel was invited to create one of his works of art in front of the festival visitors. He also offered some guests the opportunity to pick up the brushes and paint with him together. The finished acrylic painting on canvas is to be donated to the local culture club of Vischering Castle.

Alfred Gockel`s new brochure 2014

Take a look inside Alfred Gockel`s new brochure 2014. For visitors of our website we offer a free download here.

Alfred Gockel Anthology 2004 - 2013

Please check out Alfred Gockel`s Anthology 2004 - 2013. Here you can find out what exhibitions and events Alfred Gockel has done in the last few years. Just click "Events".